Thursday, February 02, 2006


Yesterday I talked about my four kids and how they formed a family. Today, a little more about them seems to be in order. John, the eldest lives in Shepparton about 10 minutes away from me. He does lots of jobs for me about the house, and will take me shopping etc, though I try not to bother him too often. He has been married and divorced twice. The first marriage produced three daughters, my eldest granddaughters. They lived in Queensland, but after my mother died, they came to live in her house, which was now mine. Sadly they drifted apart, and his wife took the girls back to Qld. We used to meet about halfway each year to see them, take photos and the girls wrote letters later on. They were aged 2, 4 and 7 then. Later the middle girl came to live with John, which was great for all of us. She became my right hand in later years taking me shopping, to Doctors etc and various other places. She got a promotion in her job and moved back to Qld. (Doesn’t everybody end up there?) I miss her a lot, but she is happy there with her sisters, mother and other grand-parents. They are now aged 28, 25 and 23. John is 51. Geoffrey is married to a beautiful girl, and has two children. A 21 year old daughter who is beautiful, and training to be a teacher, and a son who is nearly 18 and saving madly for a car. He is a terrific boy with a loving heart. Geoff and his family live in a beautiful double storied house they had built. My daughter-in-law has decorated it so well. Has to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately I can no longer climb the stairs, so it’s downstairs or nowhere for me. Julie, you have met before with her illness. She and her husband have a daughter and a son. The daughter has 2 girls of her own – Julie’s granddaughters & my great granddaughters They live so far away that I have not even met the younger one but both are lovely attractive girls by the photos I get. I even have a media play that says “Hello Great Grandma”, which I treasure. Most of the photos etc are sent to me by my grand- son who will be 21 later this year. He had a real battle last year with a burst appendix and peritonitis and spent a month in hospital and had 2 operations and was in a life threatening situation. ( Remembering this, added to the worry about Julie) Happily though, he is well again and enjoying life. Kathryn is my youngest, 44 and I spoke about her early illness and her homemaking talents. She and her husband, who is from Holland have five children. I am expecting the eldest girl to come for a few days before she starts University. She is 18 and very talented also. She made her Deb frock, cooks well and has worked and saved for her car. She was also good at sport and has medals etc. Next is a boy, 16 and he is a good worker who gets work as a relief milker, and also saves his money. Neighbours call on him when they need to go away. Next one is a girl who is actually 13 today. She can cook a meal and various slices etc and can also sew. She started her secondary education this year. Loves taking photos. Then there is another boy who will be 10 later in the year. He is a great kid too (If I sound biased, I probably am) and does lots of jobs around the house, and hoses out the dairy after milking. He loves the farm and the cows more than the others. Last but not least is another girl who is 7 and loves school and does very well. This one likes to be IN photos, as well as take them. They are all good kids, very healthy and happy. As kids should be. They go camping, fishing, swimming in the ocean and most of them play polo –cross. On horseback. Enough. Will post something else next, for a change.


LZ Blogger said...

Merle ~ I enjoyed your POST! What a nice family! I feel so lucky to have all of my kids and grandkids so close to me, so that we can share everything together! Family is a special gift from God! ~ jb///

Karen said...

You sure have a wonderful family and I bet you're the best Grandma! :-) Your proudness shows.

Have a great day!

Peter said...

Good one again Merle.

JunieRose2005 said...


So good to hear about your family. They sound like a fine bunch, too!

I feel blessed, also, with my family and lucky to have been able to have them all near, all through the years!

kenju said...

We grandmoms are proud of our kids and grandkids, aren't we?! I am just like you when it comes to mine, Merle.

I have a question: you have used the word "slices" twice now. What exactly does that refer to?

bubba said...

Qld?? Is it heaven? because everyone ends up there.

mreddie said...

These family history glimpses are great, it might be good to write up all you remember for those to come after.

My interest in writing came too late to really get history from my Dad but I did get much from my Uncle.

He was in WWII in Europe, I interviewed him several times and come out with 39 pages of family history - before, during and after the war. If it is not written, our history memories pass with us. ec