Sunday, April 30, 2006

Howdy Folks.

Howdy Folks ~~ Well I have spent a lot of time trying to post

photos and either cannot get any to show or else 4 or 5 of the

same sets. Will have another try tomorrow.

We had just under an inch of rain last night which was very

welcome ~ for gardens, farms and water storages. We could

do with another inch. (25 millimetres) Sp?

I have been readng all the blogs that were posted while I was

away. Still have more to read hopefully tomorrow.

A joke or two ~~~~

Talking Dog.

A guy is driving around Tennessee and he sees a sign in front of a house: "Talking Dog For Sale." He rings the bell and the owner tells him the dog is in the backyard. The guy goes into the backyard and sees a Labrador retriever sitting there. "You talk?" he asks. "Yep," the Lab replies. "So, what's your story?" The Lab looks up and says, "Well, I discovered that I could talk when I was pretty young. I wanted to help the government, so I told the CIA about my gift, and in no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping. I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years running." "But the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn't getting any younger so I decided to settle down. I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security wandering near suspicious characters and listening in." "I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded a batch of medals. I got married, had a mess of puppies, and now I'm just retired." The guy is amazed. He goes back in and asks the owner what he wants for the dog. "Ten dollars," the guy says. "Ten dollars? This dog is amazing. Why on earth are you selling him so cheap?" "Because he's a liar. He never did any of that stuff."

Little Johnny was sitting on a park bench munching one chocolate bar after the other.

After the sixth bar, the man on the opposite bench looked at him and said, “Son, you

know all those chocolate bars aren’t good for you. They’ll give you acne, rot your

teeth and make you fat..

Little Johnny shot straight back: “My great-grandfather lived to be 107 years old.”

“Oh,” said the man, “did your great grandfather eat six chocolate bars at a sitting?”

“No,” replied Little Johnny, “he minded his own b-----y business.”


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Family Photos

Left is Julie, Chris and me. Left - Great Grandma and Gabrielle. Far left - Chris, Sam. me, Julie and Tabatha ~ 7 years. Left ~ Gabby 2 plus years. Chris, Sam, me, Julie and Tabatha. 7 yrs. I saw Tabatha when she was about a fortnight old, and had never seen Gabrielle. Both girls called me "Great Grandma". Julie is their Grandma. I have some lovely photos of them that Chris has sent over the years. It is seven years since I last got to Gladstone, so really appreciated John taking me. This has been hard for me to get right ~~ Practice will help, I hope. Had to ring Peter in the middle of it. Then I got one photo on 6 times. Thanks Ann for noticing that. Have patience with me please, as there are a few more photos coming. Cheers, Merle.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Merle is Home.

Howdy Folks ~~ Well I am home after 9 days and 2600 milesof travel. I have enjoyed every minute of it, but I am tired, as no doubt John is too. He was terrific doing all the packing and shifting our luggage,various belongings, and his car fridge in and out of 8 nights on the road. Nothing was too much trouble and I thank him very much. He must have been well brought up !!!!

We spent one night on the way up at Goondiwindi which is just into Q’ld, then went on to Gladstone where Julie and family live. It was great to see her in particular, after the serious operation, and to find her doing very well. She is still having a lot of trouble sleeping and her body is taking time getting back to normal. I do hope she continues to recover fully.

Her son, Chris had a serios illness also early last year, as his appendix burst and he got peritonitis and had 2 operations, anda month in hospital. He scared the wits out of us, so was good to see him looking well, as he nears his 21st birthday.

Samantha’s girls are delightful with huge beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes, inherited from their Dad. Tabatha and Gabby are my G-G-daughters. Great to meet up with them. Oh the tyrrany of distance!. About 1500 miles away.

Then we went on to Gympie to stay two nights with Peter. It was great to see him again and as usual he was very helpful, and a good host. He fed us well and we all enjoyed it. He and John have always got on very well. As do Peter and myself. We used to fight as kids, but especially after our mother died, we began to be very good friends.

Our next stop was just outside Brisbane, and 2 of John’s girls came to meet us at the cabin we stayed in. We all went out for a meal and Rebecca, who we call Bec stayed a night with us. Rachael came over again the next day. We chatted, took lots of photos and again shared a meal. Rachael is engaged and lives with her fiancee, and is almost 24 years old.

Bec used to be my right hand ~~ she lived with her Dad (John) and used to take me shopping, to doctors and to hospital onceor twice. She was amazing and so helpful, it is no wonder we miss her. She got a promotion in her job which involved a move to Queensland. Bec will be 26 in July.

Her other grandparents, her mother and both of her sisters all live there, so it was good for her. She has been gone from Shepparton for nearly 2 years, but has had 2 flying visits back since then. We did not get to see John’s eldest daughter Jackie, which was a big disappointment to me, and probably to her Dad too.

We only got home after lunch today, Thursday, and have been in touch with most of the rest of the family and friends, Unfortunately, John’s girlfriend’s son is in hospital for tests. Last year he had a brain tumour removed, but they do not know what the problem is yet. Ash if only fourteen years old, so hehas had a bad run also. I hope he will be OK.

Well that is about enough for tonight. I will aim for photos tomorrow. Thank you for all the good wishes and kind words. I will get around to answering you all in time.

I agree with some comments that I am rich ~ not in wealth, but in the close family and the love we all share. It is great to enjoy such blessings, and this goes to cousins and other relatives. I love them all, and I think they love me too.

I have missed my blogging friends and am glad to be back safely home. On my own, with no son or brother telling me what to write etc. My last efforts were a little disjointed. I will be back. Leaving with a little saying ~~~


“Every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.”


Monday, April 24, 2006

Fireman's Prayer.

The Firefighter’s Prayer.

When I am called to duty, God,

Wherever flames may rage,

Grant us the strength to saving lives,

Whatever be their age.


Help us embrace a little child,

Before it is too late.

Or save an older person,

From the horror of that fate.


Enable us to be alert,

And hear the weakest shout.

To quickly and efficiently,

Put the fires out


We want to fulfil our calling,

And be the best we can,

In guarding our every neighbour,

And protecting their property.


And if it be while on the job,

I should lose my life,

Please bless with your open hand,

All those I’ve loved in life. Amen.


One more post before we move on. Thanks for all the good wishes etc, they are

much apprecated. Peter has been a great help, as usual.

The above is a Fireman's Prayer that I found from my nephew who stayed with

me at Shepparton. He is a fireman as are his 3 sons. John was at Nathalia for

many years. As the summer is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, it

may be of interest Will see you all later.


Four Generations.

Photo of four generations, taken on 22nd April 2006 at Gladstone, Q'ld. One of the family photos -- Merle, Daughter Julie, Grand-daughter Samantha and youngest Great-Grand-Daughter Gabrielle aka Gabby aged 2 and a half. She is a real live one, chatterbox and knows everything, unfortunately her sister Tabatha was sick with bronchitis, so did not get the two girls together. You will be pleased to hear that Tabatha is not called Tabby, but Taba , so it's Taba and Gabby. Taba is 7 years old and goes to school.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Still Traveling.

Hello Everyone ~~ It is nice to be back on the air. I am having a wonderful time seeing some my loved ones.

Hopefully will post some photos later on.

At present John and I are at Peter’s Holties House, we arrived yesterday and leave again tomorrow. It is always good to be with my little brother. Well he is 2 years younger, not too sure about the “little”.

We stayed two nights at Gladstone, where Julie and her husband live, also her son and daughter and 2 lovelylittle grand-daughters who are my Great-Grand-Daughters. I hope to post some photos.

Some of you will remember that Julie had a major operation earlier this year. So was great to see her looking quite well again, a big relief. We never stop worrying about our kids, whatever their age.

Peter has, as usual, been helping me with the computer and showing me different things. Not sure when he got so smart, but I am glad he did.

We even went for a short walk around a market, I always like to do that and can always find some little thing that I like or want, and not necessarily NEED.

Would you believe I brought a joke with me to post and said little brother has recently used it.

More jokes, after I get home Thursday night.

Our next couple of nights are with 2 of John’s 3 daughters, they live about 3 hours away near Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

I must admit the weather here is beautiful, back to summer clothing. It wont be so great having to get back to warm clothes and even heaters, but home is always nice.

Hope you are all well and happy. Thank you so much for all the good wishes for a safe and pleasant trip.

It has been that so far, and I am very grateful to John for bringing me all this way.

Cheers, Merle.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bye for Now.

Bye folks ~~ No posts for a couple of days, but I’ll

be back. Still have to make sandwiches to eat on the way

but I am all packed up. Will take this Notebook with me, as

I can learn more from Peter.

John and I will stay somewhere tomorrow night at a motel,

and then we hope to reach Gladstone where Julie and Laurie

live. Also their two kids, and two Grandchildren. I have got

some little gifts for them. We aim to leave about 5 a.m.!!


The local sheriff was looking for a deputy, so a blonde went in to try out for the job.

"Okay," the sheriff drawled, "What is 1 and 1?" "Eleven," she replied.

Then the sheriff asked, "What two days of the week start with the letter 'T'?"

"Today and tomorrow," replied the blonde. He was again surprised that the blonde

supplied a correct answer that he had never thought of himself.

"Now, listen carefully, who killed Abraham Lincoln?", asked the sheriff. The blonde looked a little surprised herself, then thought really hard for a minute

and finally admitted, "I don't know."

The sheriff replied, "Well, why don't you go home and work on that one for a while?"

So, the blonde wandered over to the beauty parlor, where her best friend

was waiting to hear the results of the interview. The blonde was exultant.

"It went great! First day on the job and I'm already working on a murder case!"

<><><><><><><><> Joke of the Day <><><><><>

A young man excitedly tells his mother he’s fallen in love and is

going to get married.

He says, “Just for fun, Ma, I’m going to bring over two other

female friends in addition to my fiancee and you try to guess

which one I am going to marry.”

The next day, he brings three beautiful women into the house

and sits them down on the couch and they chat for a while.

He then says, “ OK, Ma. Guess which one I’m going to marry.”

She immediately replies, “ The redhead in the middle.”

“That’s amazing, Ma. You’re right. How did you know?”

“I don’t like her.”

<><><><><><><><><> Take care everyone. <><><>

Monday, April 17, 2006

Granny's birthday.

Hi everyone ~~ Just a reminder that Granny (Ann) has a birthday on the 19th April. I hope you have a great day Ann and many many more happy returns. Loving thoughts, from Merle.

Variety Post.

Hi Folks ~~ Just a few words tonight.

My visitors left this afternoon, and are having trouble

with long lines of traffic. People going home after the

Easter break, so will be a slow trip. It usually takes

them 4 hours from here to their home.

Now I only have tonight and tomorrow to get ready to

go off on this trip. I have a shopping trip in the morning

so will stock up on prescriptions etc. Get bread and a

chicken and make sandwiches for John and I to eat on the

way. We will probably drive for about 10 hours the first

day and have a little less the next day. We will see !!

I found this little poem, and hope it may help anyone who

is facing cancer or has loved ones facing it.


What Cancer Cannot Do. …… - Anonymous.

Cancer is so limited….

It cannot cripple love.

It cannot shatter hope.

It cannot corrode faith.

It cannot eat away peace.

It cannot destroy confidence.

It cannot kill friendship.

It cannot shut out memories,

It cannot silence courage.

It cannot invade the soul.

It cannot reduce eternal life.

It cannot quench the Spirit.

It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection.

<><><><><><><><><> God’s Promise. <><><><><><>

God didn’t promise days without pain,

laughter without sorrow or sun without rain.

But God did promise strength for the day,

comfort for the tears and a light for the way.

And for all who believe in His kingdom above,

He answers their faith with everlasting love. - Anonymous.

<><><><><><><><> Bits and Pieces <><><><><><>

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away.


Friendship is not something you learn at school. But if you

haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t

learned anything. – Muhammad Ali.


We spend our lives on the run: we get up by the clock, eat and

sleep by the clock, get up again, go to work ---and then we retire.

And what do they give us? A B…… Clock.!!


“Don’t mourn for me now, don’t mourn for me never.

I’m going to do nothing forever and ever.” Dave Allen’s chosen



My 84 year old Uncle Jack reads the death notices every morning in the newspaper to check if there’s anyone he knew.

One day he said: “You know, I just don’t understand how people

always die in alphabetical order.”


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday.

Hi Everyone ~~ I hope that this Easter Sunday has been a

wonderful day for you all. It has been a nice day here, with

plenty of sunshine. My visitors went on a trip to see their son who works about 2 hours

away in Wodonga. It is on the border of Victoria and New South Wales.

I expect them back soon and they will head for home tomorrow.

They gave me a lovely box of chocolates, which will last quite a while, as I

can only eat one or two every couple of days.

This year is going so fast ~ already four and a half months gone.

I wonder if little children find this too. I used to think

Christmas took an awfully long time to come around.

Life is so different, and busy now- a- days, so maybe even kids

see time flying. I must ask some of them !! Take care folks.

<><><><><><><> Joke Time---- <><><><>

The local sheriff was looking for a deputy, so a blonde went in to try out for the job. "Okay," the sheriff drawled, "What is 1 and 1?" "Eleven," she replied. Then the sheriff asked, "What two days of the week start with the letter 'T'?" "Today and tomorrow," replied the blonde. He was again surprised that the blonde supplied a correct answer that he had never thought of himself. "Now, listen carefully, who killed Abraham Lincoln?", asked the sheriff. The blonde looked a little surprised herself, then thought really hard for a minute and finally admitted, "I don't know." The sheriff replied, "Well, why don't you go home and work on that one for a while?" So, the blonde wandered over to the beauty parlor, where her best friend was waiting to hear the results of the interview.

The blonde was exultant. "It went great! First day on the job and I'm already working on a murder case!"


Ten Competitive friends saw an ad in the paper for a pun-telling competition, and they all decided to enter.

They spent a week finding the best joke they could, and they

submitted their entries together, hoping that at least one of them would win.

Unfortunately for them, no pun in 10 did.

<><><><><><><> A few different sayings….<><><><><><>

The most important thing in communicaton is to hear what isn’t

being said. Peter F. Drucker.

Sometimes the fool who rushes in gets the job done. Al. Bernstein.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. -

William Arthur Ward.

What some people mistake for the high cost of living is really

the cost of living high. - D. Larson.

A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather

be anywhere else. – Len Wein.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blondes again

Hi All ~~ I hope all is going well with the Easter festivities.

Lots of family visits etc. My visitors took me shopping ~ which

was great. On my usual shopping days, by the time we get the

food supplies and maybe a prescription or two, there is no time

to look around. So I enjoyed that, and expect them home before long for our

evening meal ~already cooked, just have to heat and eat.

Thanks again for all the good wishes for my trip, and comments about the

jokes. More tonight. I do not think blondes deserve their

reputation and it is all just a joke, so don’t take them to heart Blondes.

We love you!


Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive double-pane energy efficient kind. But this week I got a call from the contractor complaining that his work had been completed a whole year ago and I had yet to pay for them. Boy oh boy, did we go around! Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean that I am automatically stupid. So, I proceeded to tell him just what his fast talking sales guy had told me last year... that in one year the windows would pay for themselves. There was silence on the other end of the line so I just hung up and I haven't heard back. Guess I won that stupid argument. ............................................................ A man sat on his verandah watching as the two blonde women approached slowly. They appeared to be working very hard. The first cute blonde walked slowly down one side of the street digging holes, and she was followed down the street by the other cute blonde also carrying a spade. And he watched as the second blonde filled in the holes made by her mate. They were working as a team, counting paces to holes and were working with great gusto and sense of pride. First they came down the other side of the street, stopping every few paces to dig and fill, and then they turned and proceeded up the other side of the street, one behind the other, dig and fill. When they came level to him, he could not contain himself. "What are you girls doing working in a two person team?" he asked. "Well," said the first blonde, "we work for the council, but we usually work as a three girl team, but today the other girl called in sick. And she's the girl who usually plants the trees!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friday, April 14, 2006

Blondes on Bus

Hi Everyone ~~ Thank you so much for your good wishes

for my trip with John next week. I am looking forward to it.

My niece and nephew are here and we have just had a very lazy

day chatting and catching up. Looking at photos etc.

They will go to Nathalia tomorrow to see Anthony's Dad.

It was great not having to cook today, visits are better this way.

I hope to watch my football team tomorrow. Don’t mention

football to Peter this week. Me, I’m used to losing !

I hope you continue to enjoy your Easter break.


Two cheerleading teams, one of all Blondes and one of all Brunettes charter a double-decker bus for a weekend cheerleading competition in Brisbane. The Brunette team rode on the bottom of the bus, and the Blonde team rode on the top level. The Brunette team down below really whooped it up, having a great time, when one of them realised she hasn't heard anything from the Blondes upstairs. She decided to go up and investigate. When the Brunette reached the top, she found all the Blondes frozen in fear, staring straight-ahead At the road, clutching the seats in front of them with white knuckles. The brunette asked, "What the heck's going on up here? We're having a great time downstairs!" One of the Blondes looks up at her, swallows hard and whispered, "YEAH, BUT YOU'VE GOT A DRIVER."


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beaut Surprise !!

Hi Everyone ~~ A short post tonight as my son John

called earlier and he and I are to go to Queensland for

a visit to see his three daughters, my daughter Julie and her

two adult children and my two great grand-daughters, and

last, but by no means least my brother Peter.

This was a complete surprise to me, but I am very happy to

have this holiday. I thought that I might never get to visit

there again and to see all these people that I love. We are to leave just

after Easter ~ “I’m so excited” ala Pointer Sisters one of whom died this week.

My visitors are due in about 2 or 3 hours, and will stay a few

days. Meanwhile I have to think about what to pack. It will

be warmer up there than here.

So just a couple of short jokes tonight:

A man walked into his butcher’s shop and challenged Angelo, the butcher, to a bet.

“I bet you 50 bucks that you can’t reach the steaks on the top

shelf,” he proffered.

“No way,” said Angelo, “I can’t take that bet.

“The stakes are too high.”


Two blondes are walking down the street when they find a make-up compact on the ground.

One opens it up, looks inside and says:”Hey, come look at this,

the person inside looks familiar.”

The other one snatches it off her, looks inside and says:

“Of course, you idiot, that’s me!”


Have a very restful, peaceful and Happy Easter folks. <><><>


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Age Disorder.

Hello Everyone ~~ I hope you have had a good day;

I am having a different sort of day, I want to type in Black but cannot

get the computer to change from Red and underlined so please bear with me.

Thank you to all those who were interested in our cows, The council call them

Moooving Art as they do get moved arund a bit.

Some people say it is a waste of Ratepayer’s money etc and they do get a lot of

vandalism ~~ Heads cut off etc, and one ended in the Goulburn River. They

called that one a Drowned Cow. I will try to find Zaidee’s Rainbow Cow and get

a photo, I haven’t seen it yet, only in the paper.

My son found the following joke which unfortunately describes some of us older folk.

Thanks John ~ I think !


Recently I was Diagnosed with A. A. A. D. D.

Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

This is how it manifests:

I decide to water my garden.

As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide my car needs a washing.

As I start toward the garage, I notice that there is mail on the porch table that I brought up earlier.

I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car.

I lay my car keys down on the table, put the junk mail in the garbage can, and notice that the can is full.

So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the garbage first.

But then I think, since I’m going to be near the mail box when I take out the garbage anyway, I may as well pay the bills first.

I take my cheque book off the table, and see that there is only 1 check left. My extra checks are in my desk in the study, so I go inside the house to my desk where I find the can of coke that I had been drinking.

I’m going to look for my checks, but first I need to push the coke aside so that I don’t accidentally knock it over. I see that the coke is getting warm, and decide I should put it in the refrigerator to keep cold.

As I head toward the kitchen with the coke, a vase of flowers on the counter catches my eye, they need to be watered. I set the coke down on the counter, and I discovered my reading glasses that I’ve been searching for all morning. I decide I better put them back on my desk, but first I’m going to water the flowers.

I set the glasses back down on the counter, fill a container with water and suddenly I spot the TV remote.

Someone left it on the kitchen table. I realize that tonight when we go to watch TV, I will be looking for the remote, but I won’t remember that it’s on the kitchen table, so I decide to put it back in the den where it belongs, but first I’ll water the flowers. I pour some water in the flowers, but quite a bit of it spills on the floor. So, I set the remote back down on the table, get some towels and wipe up the spill.

Then, I head down the hall trying to remember what I was planning to do.

At the end of the day:

The car isn’t washed,

The bills aren’t paid,

There is a warm can of coke sitting on the counter,

The flowers don’t have enough water,

There is still only 1 check in my check book,

I can’t find the remote,

I can’t find my glasses,

And I don’t remember what I did with the car keys.

Then when I try to figure out why nothing got done today, I’M baffled because I know I was busy all day long, and I’m really tired. I realize this is a serious problem, and I’ll to get some help for it, but first I’ll check my email.

Do me a favor, will you? Forward this message to everyone that you know, because I don’t remember to whom it has been sent.

Don’t laugh - - if this isn’t you yet, your day is coming!!

Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional. Laughing at yourself is therapeutic.

P.S. I just remembered. I left the water running in the driveway!!

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I have days like that, do you?

Shepparton's Cows

Some of the cows that are scattered around Shepparton. Among many other things Shep is a dairying area, so the cows were adopted as a sort of emblem. This picture shows "How Now Brown Cow" and the Zebra one along with many of their friends. Sorry I don't have a picture of the new Zaidee cow, as it wasn't there when I took these photos. (Shh, Peter here sneaking some more pics onto Merles site, don't tell her will you.)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rainbow Cow.

Hi everyone. I hope the world is treating you well.

In Shepparton, we have about 50 fibreglass cows as a tourist attraction. They are about life size and I think a lot of fun.

There is every type of cow: a crossword cow with a crossword on either side of it. A football cow, a skateboard cow, a plain brown one with “How Now” on it, zebra cow, etc etc. They are scattered around town and look great.

Well now there is a Zaidee cow with rainbow laces all over it. Her Dad said they have sold 1500 sets of laces and have more ordered. He, his wife and Zaidee’s brother are working hard and I guess find some comfort in that.

Have been cooking again today, I made 11 meals, couple of zucchini quiches and a fruit slice. A head start for Easter. I have a niece and nephew coming to visit.


A cabbie picks up a nun. She gets into the cab, and notices that the very handsome cab driver won't stop staring at her. She asks him why he is staring. He replies: "I have a question to ask you, but I don't want to offend you" She answers, "My son, you cannot offend me. When you're as old as I am and have been a nun as long as I have, you get a chance to see and hear just about everything. I'm sure that there's nothing you could say or ask that I would find offensive." "Well, I've always had a fantasy to have a nun kiss me." She responds, "Well, let's see what we can do about that: #1, you have to be single and #2, you must be Catholic." The cab driver is very excited and says, "Yes, I'm single and Catholic! "OK" the nun says. "Pull into the next alley." The nun fulfills the cab driver's fantasy with a kiss that would make a hooker blush. When they get back on the road, the cab driver starts crying. "My dear child," said the nun, why are you crying?" "Forgive me but I have sinned. I lied and I must confess, I'm married and I'm Jewish." The nun says, "That's OK. My name's Kevin and I'm going to a Halloween party."


If I had my child to raise over again……

Every day I have my child to raise all over again.

I will build self esteem first, and the house later.

I will finger paint more, and point the finger less.

I will do less correcting, and more connecting.

I will take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.

I will care to know less, and know to care more.

I will take more hikes, and fly more kites.

I will stop playing serious, and seriously play.

I will run through more fields, and gaze at more stars.

I will do more hugging, and less tugging.

I will see the oak tree in the acorn more aften.

I will be firm less often, and affirm much more.

I will model less about the love of power, and more about

the power of love.

<><><><><<><> Have a great day. <><><><><><>

Monday, April 10, 2006


Hi all~~ I have another little story from Shepparton. You, know how we have Pink Ribbon Day for breast cancer, and Rednose Day for Sids etc etc.

There was a little girl Called Zaidee who lived here, but she died last year. She had discussed Organ Donation with her family (at the age of 7) and wanted to donate her organs and tissue. Her parents honored her wishes and consented to this.

Now in memory of Zaidee, they have created a symbol of Rainbow colored Shoe laces. Apparently this little girl loved colored shoe- laces, so that’s where they got the idea. Zaidee was the only child donor in Victoria ever to do that.

On a different note ~~ My lovely grand-daughter gave me a delightful white soft teddy- bear when a dear friend died.

Well he spends his time sitting on my bed, but today I put him in the washing machine to brighten him up a bit. This was traumatic for me and I guess for him. He looks nice again and no real harm came to either of us. Now a joke…. or another one..


Gotta Love Drunk People.

A man, and his wife are awakened at 3 o'clock in the

morning by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to

the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring

rain, is asking for a push.

"Not a chance," says the husband, "it is 3 o'clock in

the morning!" He slams the door and returns to bed.

"Who was that?" asked his wife.

"Just some drunk guy asking for a push," he answers.

"Did you help him?" she asks.

"No, I did not! It's 3 o'clock in the morning and it

is pouring out there!"

"Well, you have a short memory," says his wife. "Can't

you remember about three months ago when we broke down and

those two guys helped us?

I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed

of yourself!"

The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out

into the pounding rain.

He calls out into the dark, "Hello, are you still there?"

"Yes" comes back the answer.

"Do you still need a push?" calls out the husband.

"Yes, Please!" comes the reply from the dark.

"Where are you?" asks the husband.

"Over here on the swing!" replies the drunk.


Serenity Prayer. ___ Reinhold Neibuh

God, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The Couage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Living ONE DAY AT A TIME; enjoying one moment at a time. Accepting hardship as the pathway to Peace.

Taking as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it.

Trusting that He will make things right, if I surrender to

His Will.

That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely

happy with Him forever in the next. Amen.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Life Lessons.

A nice mild sunny day here. Have watched several

football matches on TV. Peter’s team won, mine lost

though not playing each other. Now my son John’s team is

playing. Oh well, I like some background noise, as I live

alone. Mostly have Country Music on, but Footy is a change.

I hope everyone has had or is having a great weekend.

Great truths little children have learned:

1. No matter how hard you try, you can’t baptise cats.

2. When your Mum is mad at your Dad, don’t let her brush your hair.

3. If your sister hits you, don’t hit her back. They always catch the second person.

4. Never ask your three-year-old brother to hold a tomato.

5. You can’t trust dogs to watch your food.

6. Don’t sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.

7. Never hold a Dust Buster and a cat at the same time.

8. You can’t hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.

9. Don’t wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.

10. The best place to be when you’re sad is Grandpa’s lap.

Great truths that adults have learned….

1. Raising teenagers is like nailing jelly to a tree.

2. Wrinkles don’t hurt.

3. Families are like fudge – mostly sweet, with a few nuts.

4. Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held it’s


5. Laughing is good exercise. It’s like jogging on the inside.

6. Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fibre,

not the toy.

Great truths about growin old……..

1. Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

2. Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives

I can get.

3.When you fall down, you wonder what you can do while

you are down there.

4. You’re getting old when you get the same sensation

from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.

5. It’s frustrating when you know all the answers, but nobody

bothers to ask you the questions.

6. Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician.

7. Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.

The four stages of life…..

1. You believe in Santa Claus.

2. You don’t believe in Santa Claus.

3. You are Santa Claus.

4. You look like Santa Claus.

Success …….

At age four success is not peeing in your pants.

At age twleve success is having friends.

At age 18 success is having a drivers license.

At age 35 success is having money.

At age 50 success is having money.

At 70 success is having a drivers license.

At age 75 success is having friends.

At age 80 success is not peeing in your pants.


A Nice Little Poem……

If I have brought a gleam of light

To cheer a darkened day,

If I held out a friendly hand

To help along the way.

Then in these acts of kindness done

It is not me you see,

But glimpses of that Loving One

Who chose to dwell in me.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Maturity Check.

Hi Folks ~~ Well my weekend is half over. But after my

evening meal I will watch my football team play. Probably

wont win, but one never knows. Live in hope!!

I found the following article in a free local paper and thought

it may interest some of you.

25 Ways to tell if you have finally grown up.

1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can’t smoke any of them.

2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question.

3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge.

4. 6 am is when you get up, not when you go to bed.

5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator.

6. You watch the Weather Channel.

7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of “hook up”

and “break up.”

8. You go from 130 days of holiday time to 20.

9. Jeans and a jumper no longer qualify as “dressed up.”

10. You’re the one calling the police because the kids next

door won’t turn down the stereo.

11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around


12. You don’t know what time Taco Bill closes anymore.

13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up.

14. You feed your dog/cat Science Diet instead of McDonald’s


15. Sleeping on the couch makes our back hurt.

16. You take naps from noon to 6 pm.

17. Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead of the

beginning of one.

18. Eating a basket of chicken wings at 3 am would severely

upset, rather than settle your stomach.

19. If you’re a girl, you go to the chemist for Ibrufen and

antacid, not condoms and pregnancy tests.

20. A $4 bottle of wine is no longer “pretty good stuff.”

21. You actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time.

22. “I just can’t drink the way I used to….” replaces

“I’m never going to drink that much again.”

23. 90 oer cent of the time you spend in front of a computer

is for real work.

24. When you find out your friend is pregnant you

congratulate her instead of asking “What happened?”

25. You read this entire list looking desparately for one sign

that doesn’t apply to you and can’t find one to save your

sorry old butt.


A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail

with her girlfriends when an exceptionally tall, handsome,

extremely sexy middle aged man entered.


He was so striking that the woman could not take her eyes off

him. The young- at- heart man noticed her overly attentive

stare and walked directly toward her. (As all men will.)


Before she could offer her apologies for so rudely staring, he

leaned over and whispered to her, “I’ll do anything, absolutely

anything, that you want me to do, no matter how kinky, for $20

on one condition.” (There are always conditions.)


Flabbergasted, the woman ased what the condition was. The man replied, “You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three wods.” (Controlling huh?)


The woman considered his proposition for a moment, then

slowly removed a $20 bill from her purse, which she pressed

into the man’s hand along with her address.


She looked deeply into his eyes, and slowly, and meaningfully

said…….. “Clean my house.”

<><><><><><><><> Take care folks. <><<><><><><><>

Friday, April 07, 2006

Dining Out.

Shepparton Story again. The Victorian mother of the year lives in Shepparton. She was chosen for this position just yesterday.

She has six children, all adults now, and has fostered many children with disabilities for many years.

Last year she donated a kidney to one of her sons, who needed it.

Sounds like a very giving lady, representing our state of Victoria.

<><><><><> A joke for you:

A man is dining in a fancy restaurant and there is a gorgeous redhead sitting at the next table. He has been checking her out since he sat down, but lacks the nerve to talk with her.

Suddenly she sneezes, and her glass eye comes flying out of its socket towards the man. He reflexively reaches out, grabs it out of the air, and hands it back. Oh my, I am so sorry, " the woman says as she pops her eye back in place. "Let me buy your dinner to make it up to you, " she says.

They enjoy a wonderful dinner together, and afterwards they go to the theater followed by drinks. They talk, they laugh, she shares her deepest dreams and he shares his. She listens.

After paying for everything, she asks him if he would like to come to her place for a nightcap and stay for breakfast. They had a wonderful, wonderful time.

The next morning, she cooks a gourmet meal with all the trimmings. The guy is amazed! ! Everything had been SO incredible! !! !

"You know, " he said, "you are the perfect woman. Are you this nice to every guy you meet? " "No, " she replies. . . . . "

Wait for it.

It's coming.

The suspense is killing you, isn't it?

She says: "You just happened to catch my 'eye'.


Two little old ladies were sitting on a park bench outside

the local town hall where a flower show was in progress.

The thin one leaned over and said: “Life is so darned boring.

We never have any fun any more.”

For $5, the first old lady slowly fumbled her way out of her

clothes and, completely naked, streaked, as fast as an old lady

could through the front door of the flower show.

Waiting outside, her friend soon heard a huge commotion inside

the hall, followed by loud applause and shrill whistling.

The smiling and naked old lady came through the exit door

surrounded by a cheering crowd.

“What happened?” asked her waiting friend.

“I won first prize as Best Dried Arrangement.”


Fred was standing at his front gate when Dave drove up in the

garbage collection truck.

“Hey, Fred,” shouted Dave, “Where’s ya bin?”

“I’ve bin on holidays, Dave,” Fred replied.

“No, Fred, where’s ya wheelie bin?” asked Dave.

“Oh, I’ve weally bin in jail,” Fred sighed.


Have a great weekend folks.