Monday, February 06, 2006


THINGS KIDS SAY. I remember once when my kids were young and apparently John was playing up and my youngest Kathy said to me “You specially choosed us, but you just got stuck with John”. The talks about adoption must have sunk in.!!! It was always a game with my grandchildren to get plugged in first (Put seat-belts on) and this helped them know they had to wear seatbelts. One little girl playing this game found that sometimes Grandma beat her and in her severest voice used to say “UNPLUG” and she meant it too, She has just become a teenager this month. Now they can all beat me!!! Hi Krissy. Another time I was getting icecream and said to her sister “Get out a plate please” She said “You mean a bowl Grandma” Another time I handed out lollies, as Grandma’s tend to do, and had one myself. This same girl said “You are meant to suck them Grandma” I usually chew lollies. Hi Kate. It had been a long time since we had had rain, just after my daughter, son-in-law and two little kids moved closer to me. Anyway, it rained and Joh being just 12 months kept pointing out the door saying “RAIN RAIN”. Joh is pronounced Joe. Hi The younger two in that family hit on the idea of calling me “Granny” Nick, you started that and it continues, I do not mind what they call me. Jorja you also call me “Granny”. Hi to you both. But wont you please let me plug in first sometimes.!!!! I do not walk too well these days and use a walking stick so Kristen you used to call me her “wobbly Grandma”. Thanks !!. Because I learned late in life to use a computer, one grandson calls me his Hi-Tech Grandma.. Thanks Scotty. By the way it was the grand-daughter Rebecca “Bec” taught me to use my laptop computer. She was very patient and showed me most of what I know. (Not a real lot) and Peter also helped a lot, but he is not a kid anymore. Actually Bec isn”t either. She was so good to me for years when she lived with her Dad in Victoria. Still miss you Bec, but I am happy for you too, to be near your sisters, mother and your other grandparents. My eldest granddaughter lived close to my family and after shopping had the job of putting the potatos in the cupboard one by one. I told her she was a great potato –putter –in-er-a. I always think of Jackie when I put my own spuds away now. This girl has worked in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and now back to QLD. Hi Jackie. The youngest girl in that family spent her second birthday in the Shepparton Hospital with arthritis. It was very hard to see her trying to crawl on her swollen legs and crying when we left. However she no longer has any arthritis so that is a blessing. She used to catch little whisps of grass circles and call them Santas. I still see a few blowing around the place, so I think of you Rachael. Hi. Michelle ~~ I remember you always loved dolphins, and also reading the various plaques, sayings etc tat I have around the house. You used to say “It takes a long time to read your house”. You liked cricket too on the TV and still do I think. Well only 2 to go of my 12 grandchildren and they live too far away, in Queesland. Their mother recently was very ill. Samantha is the eldest and has two little girls of her own, Tabatha 6 years, and Gabrielle is 2. Sammy loved ballet as a child and played Netball to a high grade. Last but not least is Christopher, who had a bad trot last year with appendicitis but is now back at work and heading for his twenty-first birthday this year. He travelled overseas very early last year, so was lucky not to get ill while there, Hi Chris. He sends me photos by e-mail of his little nieces from time to time, Thanks Chris ~ it helps me see how theu are growing up. Well that is a little bit about my grandchildren. I am proud of all of them, which I guess is pretty obvious. A Few Quotes A mother holds her children’s hands for a little while but holds their hearts forever. Children are our most valuable resource. Herbert Hoover. The best way to make a child good is to make him happy. Oscar Wilde. If a child annoys you, quiet him by brushing his hair. If this does not work, use the other end of the brush on the other end of the child. Anonymous. God couldn’t be everywhere, so that’s why he made mothers.


Peter said...

Hey if they keep getting better like this I'll have to revoke you license.
Back away slowly Bubba, I'm joking, I'm really very proud of how well Merle is doing.

bubba said...

Go Merle Go. You don't need no stinkin license. I'm joking too. You are exceeding us all.

mreddie said...

Your love shines through all the descriptions - family memories are such a precious part of life. I'm glad you wrote them down for all of us to enjoy. ec

Karen said...

I really am enjoying hearing about your family, your posts put a smile on my face. You're a special lady so it's no wonder you have a special family.

Great quotes!

Have a wonderful day!

kenju said...

It is apparent that you love your kids and grandkids very much, Merle, and I am sure they love knowing that.

I love the anonymous quote about hair brushing!

JunieRose2005 said...


I am sitting here with tears running down my face- sentimental soul that I am!

...Your post says so well how our families are THE MOST IMPORTANT people in our lives. The way you obviously feel about your family reminds me of the way my mom was about hers- right down to the GREAT GRANDS ...(whose #s I don't know - but she did...and birthdays too) I am that way too, about my family - my kids - my grandkids...So many little things remembered...

LOL- I'll be posting about them -one of these days!

Thanks for giving us this glimpse into your life, Merle!


Joy Des Jardins said...

What a great Granny you are Merle...they're ALL very lucky to have you.