Sunday, May 07, 2006

Road Kill.

Road-kill was mentioned on MrEddie’s blog and was about

possums mostly. It reminded me of the recent trip my son

and I took to Queensland. John counted between 25 and 35

dead kangaroos on the road. He also saw 2 live kangaroos and

also 2 live emus. I was not quick enough to see the live ones.

So for all the folks who think they hop up and down our roads

they do not. There was not too many in over2600 miles.

I am glad that Joanne (daughter-in-law) cannot see my yard

today. She raked and swept up heaps of Autumn leaves, but

overnight we had rain and strong wind, so there are more than

ever strewn about the lawns and paths. I will get to them, when

it fines up. There are a lot of large trees in my neighbors’

yards. A huge " liquid amber" is the main culprit at present.

<><><> The usual joke <><><>

Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals,

kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several members did not approve of her extra curricular activities, but feared

her enough to maintain their silence. She made a mistake, however, when she accused Henry, a new member, of being

an alcoholic after she saw his old ute parked in front of the town's only pub one afternoon. She emphatically told Henry and several others that everyone seeing it there would

know what he was doing. Henry, a man of few words, stared at her for a moment and just turned and walked away. He didn't explain, defend, or deny. He said nothing. Later that evening, Henry

quietly parked his ute in front of Mildred's house... walked home.... and left it there all night.

You gotta love Henry .

<><><><><> A thought : <><><><>

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.


Persons Are Gifts……………………………Wrapped.!!

Some are wrapped beautifully:

they are very attractive when I first see them.

Some come in ordinary wrapping paper,

Others have been mishandled in the mail.

Once in a while there is a special delivery !!


It is rewarding to find someone whom you like,

but it is essential to like yourself.


It is a delight to discover people who are worthy

of respect, admiration, and love, but it is vital to

believe yourself deserving of these things.


To the question of your life, you are the only answer.

To the problem of your life, you are the only solution.



Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

When I think of road kill, I never thing of kangaroos! Of course, where I live the only kangaroos are in zoos.

I once lived in a small town in southern Indiana that had a café owned by a woman named Eddie. She was quite a joker and had a large sign on the wall of the café that read: “ROAD KILL CAFÉ: You Kill ‘Em, We Cook ‘Em.”

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Our road kill is usually very small, like squirrels, rabbits,opposums and an occasional deer.
I cannot imagine kangaroos as road kill...I would have to stop and take a good look.
Do most people drag the dead kangaroos to the side of the road so they won't cause another accident? Because, they're pretty big.

mreddie said...

I feel for you with all the leaves of autumn - that sounds funny to write since we are still in the middle of spring. The mess of the falling leaves is always a chore. ec

Joy Des Jardins said...

Ever since my kids were small we've always said, "Shh, he's sleeping" when we've seen a dead animal on the road. Somehow it made it a little better. The roadkill that we see most are squirrels; apparently they are bad decision-makers when it comes to crossing the road.

Peter said...

The time to see lots of roadkill, especially kangaroos here, is during times of drought, when the animals come to the road verge for any green pick.
They are mostly hit by Trucks which seem to travel at night more than cars, very often after 30/40 wheels have run over them they no longer pose a problem for other vehicles.
BTW you get to enjoy that Liquid Amber in colour so it's only fair that you rake up some leaves, great compost for you vegie garden too.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

In regards to the comment you posted on my blog--I'm sorry I was only teasing about asking your kids for help with the yard work. I was sure they had volunteered, and I am very glad you have the help, because the yard work can be very hard especially if you have a bad back(like me) or any other health concerns.

Darn that wind anyway! Blowing Jo's hard work all over the place like that! I had the exact thing happen to me this last(for us) fall too!

Funny jokes(again!) and I love the revenge on the gossip!

Road kill--in my neck of the woods is neither possums or skunks, and occationaly someone's pet cat or dog, and the occational coyote that dosen't get out of the way fast enough!


Granny said...

I know the damage a deer can do to a vehicle and its occupants. I 'roo must do the same thing.

Most of the "victims" around here are opossums (our only marsupial) and an occasional skunk (yipes).

Thanks for your comment. The girls think that lake water is warm enough now but they'd turn into popsicles instantly. Brrr!!

It's still hard for me to wrap my mind around your autumn and our spring. I know it's true but it just seems so strange.

Jacqui said...

I just love the autumn leaves, as I have probably mentioned a few times, as I see it they are only there once a year and are very good for mulch and compost, and the sight of a glorious Aspen, late in the afternoon with the sun shining through it, makes me think that God surely gave us a beautiful world to live in. luv jacqui

bornfool said...

Hi Merle! Would you mind if I borrow (steal) those last three quotes for a post in the next few days? They are appropriate for some things I'm working through.

jackt said...

In parts of New England cars have bumper stickers that say "Brake for Moose. It could save your life."

Ava said...

Hi there!

I've never seen a kangaroo as road kill. I have seen possums, racoons, deer, coyotes, dogs, cats, rabbits and armadillos.

I like the joke about Mildred and Henry. That was great!!!!


kenju said...

I like that last one, Merle. If you saw that many kangaroo road kill, won't it decimate the population soon? That seems like an awful lot of them dead.

Peter said...

Check holtieshouse for an announcement. Please assure Judy that we have MILLIONS of Kangaroos still hoppin' around.

doubleknot said...

Well Mildred got just what she wroth. He, he - good for Henry.
I can't imagine hitting a kangroo. We used to live on a dark winding road and people were always hitting cows and it did a lot of damage to cars and cows.
Were I live now it is mostly racoons people's pets and the poor little squrils who can't seem to make up their mind to run to safty or dive under a tire.

Michelle said...

Hehehe, i can actually say that "they do hop down the road", they also graze on my front lawn. I'm in FNQ though, and live right on the coast which is surrounded by bushland, so kangaroos and wallaby's are not an uncommon sight.
Loved your quotes Merle :o)

Da Gal said...

Merle - coming over here to what I like to think of as your corner of the world is so delightful. I see your smile shine through your posts. I will be truly blessed if I can live as you do when I am your age.

Thanks for shining your rays of light upon us. Blessings to you and take gentle care.

Anonymous said...

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