Sunday, May 14, 2006


Hi everyone ~~ I hope it has been a lovely day for you all, especially the

many Mothers among us. I have had a good day ~ starting with the Macca”s

Hot Cakes and Maple syrup.. We were too early for the shops and I told John

not to worry about that. But later on, he came back and took me to a couple

of shops, which was great. No time to look around on my food shopping day.

All three of my other kids rang me so it was a good day. John gave me a new

door-bell that plays some of my team (Carlton)’s theme song. This is our

Australian Rules football or footy for short. And they actually had a win for

a nice change. Hope they win a few more. For Janice , not soccer and

Yes Brekkie is a short name for breakfast, and Tip-Top is a major Bakery in Oz.

We are strange here I guess. Maybe it is being upside down in the world.




A good mantra to live by

The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn't already know. I stood up to look around when a gentle hand touched my shoulder.

I turned around to find a wrinkled, little old lady beaming up at me with a smile that lit up her entire being.

She said, "Hi handsome. My name is Rose. I'm eighty-seven years old. Can I give you a hug?"

I laughed and enthusiastically responded, "Of course you may!" and she gave me a giant squeeze.

"Why are you in college at such a young, innocent age?" I asked.

She jokingly replied, "I'm here to meet a rich husband, get married, and have a couple of kids..."

"No seriously," I asked. I was curious what may have motivated her to be taking on this challenge at her age.

"I always dreamed of having a college education and now I'm getting one!" she told me

After class we walked to the student union building and shared a chocolate milkshake

We became instant friends. Every day for the next three months we would leave class together and talk non-stop. I was always mesmerized listening to this "time machine" as she shared her wisdom and experience with me

. Over the course of the year, Rose became a campus icon and she easily made friends wherever she went.

She loved to dress up and she revelled in the attention bestowed upon her from the other students. She was living it up.

At the end of the semester we invited Rose to speak at our football banquet.

I'll never forget what she taught us. She was introduced and stepped up to the podium. As she began to deliver her prepared speech, she dropped her three by five cards on the floor.

Frustrated and a little embarrassed she leaned into the microphone and simply said, "I'm sorry I'm so jittery. I gave up beer for Lent and this whiskey is killing me! I'll never get my speech back in order so let me just tell you what I know." (this cracked me up!)

As we laughed she cleared her throat and began, "We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing.

There are only four secrets to staying young, being happy, and achieving success. You have to laugh and find humour every day. You've got to have a dream. When you lose your dreams, you die.

We have so many people walking around who are dead and don't even know it!

There is a huge difference between growing older and growing up.

If you are nineteen years old and lie in bed for one full year and don't do one productive thing, you will turn twenty years old. If I am eighty-seven years old and stay in bed for a year and never do anything I will turn eighty-eight.

Anybody can grow older. That doesn't take any talent or ability. The idea is to grow up by always finding opportunity in change. Have no regrets.

The elderly usually don't have regrets for what we did, but rather for things we did not do. The only people who fear death are those with regrets."

She concluded her speech by courageously singing "The Rose

." She challenged each of us to study the lyrics and live them out in our daily lives.

At the year's end Rose finished the college degree she had begun all those years ago.

One week after graduation Rose died peacefully in her sleep.

Over two thousand college students attended her funeral in tribute to the wonderful woman who taught by example that it's never too late to be all you can possibly be.

When you finish reading this, please send this peaceful word of advice to your friends and family, they'll really enjoy it!

These words have been passed along in loving memory of ROSE.



We make a Living by what we get, We make a Life by what we give.

God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

"Good friends are like stars.........You don't always see them, but you know they are always there

<><><><><> Some phrases of Wisdom.. <><><><><>

1. If you are too open minded, your brains will fall out.

2. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.

3, Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a mechanic.

4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

5. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you’ve never tried before.

6. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

7. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

8. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

9. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program.

10. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.

11. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.

12. A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.

13. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.

14. Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it.

15. No husband has ever been shot doing the dishes.

16. A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

17. Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.

18. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.

19. Junk is something you’ve kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.

20. There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.

21. Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it again.

22. By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.

23. Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator.

24. Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world.

25. Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused.



kenju said...

# 19 is certainly true for me!

Merle, I remember when you talked about slices, and I had no idea what they were. We don't have anything like that - at least I don't know of any. We do eat a lot of biscuits, but usually the fillings are sausage, egg or jelly, and we put the tops on too.

Have a great Mother's Day!

Granny said...

I'll have to remember Carlton when Australian rules is on over here. I'll be glad to cheer for them.

I'd seen Rose's story but it's worth reading again.

I may steal part of this later tonight. I have a couple of Mother's Day posts up (you already know that) so I'll probably leave the blog alone today.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Merle, I love the phrases of wisdom and your story of Rose...that was very inspiring.

I had copied out the Pope & KFC joke yesterday and sent it to a friend...I of course changed the name of the bread to a popular brand here in the USA, before I sent it. I had assumed that Tip Top was a popular name of bread there in Australia.

I'm glad that you had a very nice Mother's Day and I'm glad that I can once again access your comment popup window.
Sandy :)

bubba said...

Happy Mothers Day. Some of those gems of wisdom I'll commit to memory. Thanks

David said...

Happy Mother's day M!

CameraDawktor said...

Happy Mother's Day!

We call it brekkie at our house too!

I have seen you comment over at LZ Blogger and today at my friend DonnaK's.

Just thought I'd come over and say hi!

Peter said...

Some pearls of wisdom there Merle.

JunieRose2005 said...

#25 is one I live by!!

Junie :)

Michelle said...

Hey Merle, glad you had a super mothers day!
Love #1, very funny :o)

doubleknot said...

Being of an 'age' also I am still finding wisdom. I love the part about growing up - some people never do and some are grown up at an early age.
Glad up had a happy Mother's day.

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