Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hello again. or part of it.

This post was done on Tuesday but it would not post, tried again

yesterday with no luck, and it is now Thursday so will try again.

If it still wont work ~ I will be heading for my next shopping

day. Most frustrating.!!

Hello again ~~ Today has been busy. I got taken shopping by a

lady from the council and as usual two hours goes very quickly.

This happens once a fortnight, so I have to really think about

what I need.

I have been trying to get Broadband on for almost a month, and have decided to try another company. My sons, in particular, like to be able to ring me, and can’t on Dial up.

Thank you girls, Joy, Judy and June for your kind words,

and I am OK again. I haven’t had such a bad attack before,

and hope it wont be back. Looking at diet, and some natural

products to help. Just one of life’s little problems !!

Today’’s post is about Stress Management.

I believe this philosophy can help us through our challenges.

I hope it helps you.

I will post this bit and try for the Stress Management later. At present I am needing it.

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Da Gal said...

Hello beautiful Merle - have you tried using skype via the computer to talk to your kids for free? I just downloaded it and it works great. I have DSL though so I don't know if dial up would make it work different.

Hope you were able to pick up what you needed during your shopping trip. I went shopping for grams this weekend. I have never been so nervous picking out fresh fruits and veggies.. hope the met her standards!

Take gentle care, Meg