Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stress Management

Today’’s post is about Stress Management.

I believe this philosophy can healp us through our challenges.

I hope it helps you.

A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience,

raised a glass of water and asked, “How heavy is this glass of


Answers called out ranged from 20g to 500 grams.

The lecturer replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t matter.

It depends on how long you try to hold it.

If I hold it for a minute, that’s not a problem.

If I hold it for an hour, I’ll have an ache in my right arm.

If I hold it for a day, you’ll have to call an ambulance.

In each case, it’s the same weight, but the longer I hold

it, the heavier it becomes.”

He continued, “And that’s the way it is with stress management. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner

or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won’t

be able to carry on.”

“As with the glass of water, you have to put it down for a while

and rest, before holding it again.

When we’re refreshed, we can carry on with the burden.”

“So before you go home tonight, put the burden of work

down. Don’t carry it home.

You can pick it up tomorrow. Whatever burdens you’re carrying now, let them down for a moment if you can.”

So, my friend, why not take a while to just simply RELAX.

Put down anything that may be a burden to you right now.

Don’t pick it up again until after you’ve rested a while.

Life is short. Enjoy it !


Here are some great ways of dealing with the burdens of life:

Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled

by their maker.

If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be


If you lend someone $20 and never see that person

again, it was probably worth it.

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to

serve as a warning to others.

Never buy a car you can’t push.

Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time,

because then you won’t have a leg to stand on.

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up

and dance.

Since it’s the early worm that gets eaten by the bird,

sleep late.

The second mouse gets the cheese.

When everything is coming your way, you’re in the

wrong lane.

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the

longer you live.

You may be only one person in the world, but you may

also be the world to one person.

Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery

on a detour.

Have an awesome day and know that someone has thought

about you today.


Finally : I decided to take an aerobics class.

I bent, twisted, gyrated and jumped up and down

for an hour.

But by the time I got my leotard on, the class

was over.



Merle said...

Hi Folks ~~ It has taken me three days to post this. Maybe by doing a direct post, opened the way. Who knows. I am sure Peter has a few more grey hairs this week. Sorry Peter.

Peter said...

Hi Merle, I'm having trouble finding them to check their colour. Perserverance pays off king bruce.

mreddie said...

i don't think my sole purpose for living is to serve as a warning to others - is it? :) ec

Katrina said...

I like the analogy to the glass of water. I know I set down my "glass of water" every time I pray. The hard part is deciding not to pick it up again!

LZ Blogger said...

Merle ~ I could use a little of this! Don't tell me you're getting LAZY? ~ jb///

bubba said...

darn leotards. Always making me late :)

JunieRose2005 said...


I like that last one!

I remember it well, too!!


bornfool said...

"Never buy a car you can't push."

I wish I would have followed that piece of advice many times.

The stress management illustration was great. I'll be using that one sometime.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks, Merle, for this post. I needed the reminders. Years ago, as a social worker, I taught classes in stress management. However, after a few years I gave up teaching them—the teaching had become too stressful for me.

As always... Rachael said...

I needed to hear that stress analogy today. Thanks! I think I'll set the glass down and pick it up again a little later.

Da Gal said...

Merle - this was a great post. Probably another one I will want to *borrow* in the future.

I hope your bugs with blogger clear up in the future. It the meantime maybe you will struggle with that leotard some more! Ha!

Take gentle care, Meg

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I have been reading your posts and I just love them. The Stress Management post was so true and something really useful for all of us.

I hope that you don't mind but I would like to visit more and add you to my favorite list of blogs.