Friday, March 31, 2006

Rodney Revisited

Rodney revisited ~~ There are a few aboriginal houses around Shepparton, I live next to one of them. There have been several families come and go from there. The previous family

had about 7 children.

The two youngest were great friends of mine, lovely looking

kids who came in after school to say hello and get a biscuit or

two, or a lolly on occasion.

The little girl, about 5 used to say “Hello Old Lady” to me.

She meant it nicely, and I didn’t mind, I am an old lady!!

Peter has written the story About Rodney, about 7 at the time.

This particular day he got on my gate and started to swing on it. I said “Get off the gate Rodney” with no result, so I said

again “Get off the gate please Rodney”, still no result.

So I said “Rodney get off the b****y gate” He did and quickly pointed his finger at me and asked, “Are you a Christian?”

I said “Yes”, he said “Well Christians don”t swear.”

I said “Well if you had got off the b****y gate, I wouldn’t

have had to.” Rodney’s quick reply, “You did it again!!”

He and I remained friends until they moved to Melbourne.

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Granny said...

That is as funny as any of the jokes. Real life is like that sometimes.