Friday, March 17, 2006

Nice day again.

Nice day again ~ I like it. It is strange that my Northern friends are awaiting Spring and Summer, and we in the Southern Hemisphere are enjoying Autumn (Fall) and go

to Winter next.

In a way it is good ~~ It means we are not experiencing

Bush-fires and floods etc at the same time, and so can be called on to help each other in emergencies if needed.

Had a taxi ride to and from the podiatrist this morning.

It amazes me how some taxi drivers chat freely and

make the trips more comfortable.

While others say “Where to?” and little else. As I live

alone (usually) it is nice to chat about the weather, or how busy their day has been, or the gardens etc that we pass.

The women are usually more talkative~~ no comments from

you guys !!.. But today a very attractive young lady had very little to say. I told her a joke or two and she did smile, so

can’t complain. Maybe they are concentrating on their

driving which is important of course.

I had a lot of strife posting my last effort. After posting it,

it left out half of what I wanted. Tried several times, with the same result. So I turned the computer off, thinking to go to

bed. Read for a while and then turned it all back on and lo and

behold it worked. Same thing is happening today. So Maybe no jokes today.

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