Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quick post tonight.

Hello from Merle ~~ I have visitors for the night ~~ Peter’s first wife and her husband. Jacqui and I always got on very well and our kids grew up together and are similar ages. I like her husband ~ he was kind enough to dry the dishes after tea.


I actually helped Jacqui post her first post on the site Peter

set up for her. You can stop laughing now Peter. It worked.

I am printing the instructions you gave me for her.

Jacqui has a site called Bears Galore and I think it has this


John my son came round to see Jacqui after work, which was nice. Jacqui makes teddy bears and other things and that is why she is Bear Lady. I haven’t seen her since Marcus and Carolyn’ wedding in 1986. It is late so will try to do better next time.


JunieRose2005 said...


How nice that you were able to help her with her blogging!! :)

I am STILL unable to link within a post, in spite of all Peter's instructions! I think it's something to do with my browser, as I have to use Safari even to be able to post pictures...and it doesn't give me the things needed (described by your brother) to do the links as he has told me to do them! For instance, it does not give me the icons to click on...the color pallett(sp) that he mentions! Oh! I'm sure there's a way-but I just can't do it!! :(

I will try to go to Jacqui's site! The bears sound like something I would be interested in!


Da Gal said...

Hello Merle - you are such a delight. How wonderful that you had company and that you were able to help another in blog world. Hopefully June will receive the help she needs too!

I am so pleased you stopped by my place. Sometimes I might say things that knock you off your rocker... I mean no harm.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you again, Meg

mreddie said...

Any guy that will dry the dishes can't be all bad. :) ec

Hale McKay said...

I'm happy you enjoyed your company. Good show - helping a new blogger- a guaranteed new reader too. LOL

Peter said...

Hi Merle, you should have created a link to Jacqui's site, the perfect opportunity, why not try it now??