Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Memories

MORE MEMORIES First let me add to my last post by saying these incidents happened over about nine years, so there were not THAT many snakes. We used to run around without any fear. There was an old fallen tree across the road, that when we sat on it, it rocked, so was called Rocky Ned. We enjoyed that. All this was at a very small place called Dixon’s Creek. A Post office where our friends lived, and a general store. After our mother’s death Peter & I went back there to relive some of our journey. Peter’s wife Julie renamed the place Dixon’s Bloody Creek, as we apparently raved too much. My daughters were with us too and now they all refer to the new name. We arrived there shortly after a centenary of the school, and found a lady who ordered some tee shirts for us, for which we paid. Julie’s comment was we may never see them or our money again. Well Peter and I swelled up with indignation. No-one from Dixon’s Creek was a crook. AND we eventually got our shirts. As we knew we would.!! We lived there during the War years and were not supposed to let on where we were to aircraft. BUT our (only) teacher got outside when one plane went over, and made a big sign Dixon’s Creek. Fortunately it wasn’t a war plane. There were only 12 pupils there in those days, which was the minimum number or we would not have the school. There was a church next to it, as in so many small towns. We did enough walking to school 5 days a week so did not go. BUT once a year they had a bazaar (fete, fair) and we went to that. It was the only time we tasted Raspberry Cordial, which for many years was my favourite drink. Mum used to make cakes and home-made lollies such as coconut ice and Turkish Delight. My mouth waters at the thought, but I am a diabetic now so can only dream. I do have the occasional chocolate though. Another time an aeroplane was lost and needed to land. I do not know any details of why etc, but it laded in a paddock about 2 miles from school on the left hand side of the road. Peter argues that it landed on the right hand side of the road, but there were houses there, and besides Dad said I was right. Got to get lucky sometime!!! I remember riding my bike down a hill and coming to grief, as I knocked my teeth and broke one. Our friend, the Post Mistress drove Mum and me to a dentist about 15 miles away. I lived.!!! The house we lived in was moved to the little farm very cheap, as the previous owner had committed suicide in it. I believe my parents had quite a job cleaning it up. My Dad, always the joker, used to knock under the table and say “Come in Taylor”, as I guess that was his name. We used to have visits from relatives from time to time, which was always nice. I was always very fond of my aunts & uncles and cousins too. In fact I organised a small Family Reunion in 2004, which we all enjoyed. We do not have any aunts or uncles left, but some of us cousins had not seen each other in years so we had a great day. Peter came to Queensland which was fortunate for me as I had handed in my driver’s licence. Our eldest cousin had a pendant which read OBE which sometimes means (Order of British Empire) but in this case it meant Over Bloody Eighty !! I had never seen them before and if I live that long, I want one. We had our reuion at a winery by the Goulburn River. On another topic, my daughter Julie is safely home in Gladstone AND the pathology came back with the right answer. So I am very thankful for that. She cannot do anything much and has to go ack in 6 weks for a check-up. Again, many thanks to those folks who wished her well. I am sure she had some divine help recovering so quickly.


Peter said...

Very good, EXCEPT you still get that plane on the wrong side of the road, after all I was about 5 years old so I would know!!!!!
Good news about Julie.

mreddie said...

Personal histories are something I find enjoyable, even if siblings can't agree on which side the plane landed. :)

Have been a bit busy and little time to comment but I do enjoy your posts and I'm glad your daughter is up and about with the right answer on the report. ec

JunieRose2005 said...


I am enjoying your memories -so much!
I hope there's more to come!:)

...and -such good news about your daughter!! (Smile)

Have a great day.


bubba said...

Great news from the home front eh? It is funny how Peter's memory is fading. HAHAHAA.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Wonderful news about Julie...I know you feel better too. Take care...

LZ Blogger said...

Merle ~ I loved this comment "Our eldest cousin had a
pendant which read OBE which sometimes means (Order of British Empire) but in this case it meant Over Bloody Eighty !!"
You know I heard on our travels down-under this summer, that there are NO SNAKES in New Zealand (guess they all) immigrated to Australia! ~ jb///

Peter said...

Hey Jerry not only the snakes but most of the Kiwis now live in Australia.

Merle said...

Jerry ~~ Thanks for your comments.
I see Peter has left you a message here too. Have you seen
those OBE pendants? I think they make OBS (seventy) but I have not
found any yet. I qualify for one of those, AND Peter will in May!!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter & Merle ~ The kiwi's that we met in Australia were all pretty nice! ~ Sure seemed to be a lot of them in Surfers Paradise! But they were on holiday just like us. ~ jb///