Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Friendship 2

Howdy Friends ~~ I hope this day finds you well and

happy. Everything here is working well, for a change,

so I am fine. I found a nice poem called “Friendship”

which I hope you will enjoy.


I’d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me,

I’d Like to be the help that you are always glad to be.

I’d like to mean as much to you, each minute of the day,

As you have meant, old friend of mine, to me along the way.


I’d like to do the big things and the splendid things for you,

To brush the grey from out your skies and leave them only blue

I’d like to say the kind things that I so oft have heard,

And feel that I could rouse your soul the way that mine you



I’d like to give you back the joy that you have given me,

Yet, that were wishing you a need I hope will never be.

I’d like to make you feel as rich, as I who travel on

Undaunted in the darkest hours, with you to lean upon.


I’m wishing at this very time that I could but repay

A portion of the gladness that you’ve strewn along my way

And could I have but one wish today, this only would it be….

I’d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me.


<><><> The New Goden Rule. <><><>

It is difficult ……….

To forget

to forgive

to excuse

to take advice

tp avoid mistakes

to admit one’s faults

to be unselfish

to save

to be charitable

to be considerate

to get out of a rut

to make a little go a long way

to be strong in adversity

to control oneself

to be able to start from scratch

to be on form – always

to keep at it

to think first and then act,.

……. but it’s a good idea !!!

<><><><><> Joke Time Now <><><><><>

A cowboy told his grandson the secret to a long life.

He said," You gotta sprinkle a little gunpowder on your

oatmeal, see. If you do, you'll live to a nice old age."

So the cowboy did this religiously every day, and sure

enough, lived to the nice old age of 96.

When he died he left behind, 4 children, 8 grandchildren,

15 great-grandchildren.....and a 16 foot hole in the wall

of the cremitorium.


Should all those men who have gone out with Paris Hilton

be known as Paris-ites ?


A woman goes to the doctor for her annual check-up.

The nurse starts with certan basic items.

“How much do you weigh?” she asks.

“Fifty five kilos,” she says.

The nurse put her on the scales which shoot straight

up to sixy five kilos.

“How tall are you?” asks the nurse.

“One hundred and seventy centimetres,” she says.

The nurse checks and the woman tops out at 160 cm.

So she takes the patient’s blood pressure, and comments

that it is very high.

“Of course it’s high,” screams the woman.

“When I came in here I was tall and slender !!

Now I am short and fat !!”

<><><><> Lucky Last One. <><><><>

A man and woman were discussing life and death,

The husband told his wife that he did not want to exist

in a vegetative state, dependant on some machine and

taking fluids from a bottle.

So the wife unplugged the TV and threw out all of

his beer.

<><><><> Cheers to you all, Merle. <><><><>


Ava said...

Glad to hear that things are working well. Great poem! Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for visiting my blog!

Peter said...

Hi Merle, nice pome again.

Tammy said...

I just love to come here every day Merle!!!
You always make me
Hey you commented about the soaps you watch in my comments...I'm curious as to what you watch...any American ones? You did not have an email addy or I would have wrote.
Write me if you like...mine is on my profile page.

Raggedy said...

Great post. I loved the last one.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Merle,

I liked the poem a lot-
and the last joke was a goodie!! :)


PEA said...

Still laughing at the Paris Hilton one! lol Love the friendship poem too, as well as the others!! Hope you have a great weekend Merle...take care:-)

Sue said...

I loved your friendship poem!
Thanks for being my blogger friend...

Granny said...

Seems to be almost unanimous on the last joke although I always enjoy all your posts.

Jon Cox said...

Hahahaha! Great post! I love the cowboy joke! VERY CUTE! :o)

slap me happy said...

Hi Merle loved the poem, lmbo at peters comment took my eyes a minute to work out that he had not written PORN lol was wondering if I was looking in the wrong blog lol. Note to self ... get eye's checked lol

rhapsody said...

Thanks, Merle

Funny all~ loved that last one:)

& the poetry & golden rule, too!

kenju said...

The asnwer to the Paris-sites is YES!!

Mountain Mama said...

Well sweet lady, you did it again. I laughed until my belly hurt!
The Paris-ites one will keep my laughing in my sleep.
Thank you

mreddie said...

And friendship back at you. I thought the explosive cowboy was a good one - a person can be known by what they leave behind. ec

Lee-ann said...

Merle you are such a hoot! and had me laughing along as I read.

How is it up in Shepparton I am sure the cold comes down as frost still at night as it is here.

Our daffodils are out of the ground and the golden mile into Kyneton is starting to look very green the flowers will soon come!

friendship is just such an important part of our lives isn't it and I very much enjoy the friendships and bonds that the blogging is giving me.

best wishes to you.

Mike said...

Very good advices and thoughts all, Merle. ;)