Sunday, June 25, 2006

Teenager's Reply.

Howdy Folks ~~ I have a little time before my visitors arrive

home for tea. It has been lovely seeing them all, They used to live half an hour away, but now I usually only see them over

Christmas and maybe once through the year. My daughter, Kathy had a fall from a horse and badly split a finger, which

had to be stitched. It looks dreadful, very black and swollen, she is taking antibiotics. It should look better after 2 weeks.

It is her left hand, BUT she is left-handed. Fortunately the

kids do their best to help her.

<><><><><<> The Teenager’s Answer. <><><><><>

This was written by a 16 year old girl in reply to attacks on

teenagers’ morals.

We read in the papers,

We hear on the air,

Of killing and stealing,

And crime everywhere.

We sigh and we say,

As we notice the trend:

“This young generation ---

Where will it end?”

But can we be sure that

It’s their fault alone---

That may be part of it---

Isn’t our own?

Too much money to spend,

Too much idle time;

Too many movies of

Passion and crime,

Too many books

Not fit to be read;

Too much of evil

In what they hear said.

Too many children

Encouraged to roam

By too many parents

Who won’t stay at home.

Kids don’t write the books

That paint a good picture

Of gangsters and crooks;

They don’t make the liquor,

They don’t make the drugs

That addle the brain;

It’s all done by older folk

Greedy for gain.

And in many cases --

Do we find that it’s true,

The cry of “delinquent”

Fits older fold too!

<><><><><> Let’s get the Blondes Again <><><><><>

A police officer stops a blonde for speeding and asks

nicely to see her licence. She replies in a huff, “I

wish you guys would get your act together. Just

yesterday you take away my licence and then today

you expect me to show it to you.”


A highway patrolman pulled alongside a speeding car on

the freeway. Glancing at the car, he was astounded to

see that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting !

Realizing that she was oblivious to his siren and flashing

lights, he wound down his window and yelled, “PULL OVER”

“NO”, the blonde yelled back, IT’S A SCARF.”


A Russian, an American, and a blonde were talking one day.

The Russian said, “We were first in space.”

The American said,” We were first on the moon.”

The Blonde said, “So what? We are going to be the first on

the sun !” The Russian and the American looked at each

other and shook their heads. “You can’t land on the sun, you

idiot ! You’ll burn up,” said the Russian.

To which the Blonde replied, “We’re not stupid, you know.

We’re going at night.

<><><><><>< Cheerio for now, take care, Merle. <><><><><><>


Granny said...

Hello again.

Raggedy said...

I hope Kathy feels better soon. That is the second horse accident in the blog world this week. I think I will stay away from the stables.

The 16 year old sounds older.

The blonde jokes..Funny Stuff you made me laugh out loud!!!

Have a wonderful day!

wolfbaby said...

liked the jokes;)

the teenagers reply is pretty true...

Peter said...

Say hi to Kathy for me, hope her finger gets better soon.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

I hope your daughter, Kathy, finger heals real soon. Poor thing that must feel just awful.

LOL on the jokes, again.


megz_mum said...

Blonde jokes are always good!
Hope your daughter's finger feels better soon!

Jacqui said...

Hi Merle,

that teenage poem is so very true, we have just had a terrible murder in a little town about an hour away, two 16 year old girls, murdered their "friend" a 15 year old, quite calculated and planned.
The only place they learn that sort of thing is the media. It's a terrible tradgedy, for three familes.
hugs jacqui

Sue said...

Kathy's finger sounds painful. Hope she heals quickly.
Thought provoking essay by the teen....

JunieRose2005 said...

That finger injury sounds bad! Hope it's well soon!

LOL- and those blonde jokes were very funny!


somershade said...

I prayed for her finger,ouch!

Glad you are haveing a great visit,love the teenagers writting and agree.

Top notch good jokes to pass on,thanks for makeing me more funny.:)

HORIZON said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter's injury Merle- sounds painful.
Will check back in with you tomorrow- have been driving all day and am quite tired. Hope you are well and had a nice visit with your friends.
Take Care,

Pennys from Heaven said...

I came across your blog and will be back to do more reading!!! Great blogsite!!


Ava said...

I sure hope that Kathy's hand heals up with no problems.

Are you tired after having company? It always wears me out.